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Felony DUI Lawyer in Panama City, FL

Charged with a felony drunk driving offense?

If you or someone you love has been charged with a felony DUI offense, it is imperative that you engage the services of a highly skilled defense attorney without delay. The impact of a conviction will last a lifetime. A convicted felon faces not only a long period of incarceration with the worst criminals, the long term impact is significant. You may no longer be eligible for certain professional licenses, or to attend certain schools.

There are very serious ramifications in a felony DUI conviction and the scope of these consequences will impact the rest of your life. It is crucial that you are represented by a highly skilled Panama City felony DUI attorney from Shepard Law. The firm has a reputation as one of the most effective defense law firms in the area, and stands ready to discuss your case. It goes without saying – the firm is 100% on your side.

Types of Felony DUI Offenses

There are several types of DUI charges that are filed as a felony. When it is alleged that you caused an injury accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the death of another person, the charges will be filed as a felony. Vehicular homicide and DUI Manslaughter are both extremely serious felony offenses.

This is a second degree felony, with penalties including fines as high as $10,000, and up to 15 years in state prison. DUI manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter with added charges of leaving the scene will be filed as a 1st degree felony, and penalties include fines as high as $10,000 and up to 30 years of incarceration in state prison.

Repeat Offenders and Cases Involving Serious Bodily Injury

Those who have 2 DUI convictions within 10 years, or a 4th or more conviction will be facing felony DUI charges. The penalties imposed in these cases include fines as high as $5,000, and 5 years in state prison. In cases in which a DUI accident caused serious bodily injury, and the accused is subsequently convicted at trial are facing a third degree felony, with penalties including up to 5 years imprisonment, and enhanced penalties should the person be deemed to be a habitual or violent offender, based upon the existing criminal record of the defendant.

There is also the matter related to driver's license revocation. A third conviction within 10 years, felony DUI will result in 10 years revocation. A fourth conviction, including cases of Murder with a Motor Vehicle will result in a mandatory permanent revocation of the person's driver's license. The court has no other option.

For those who are convicted of DUI Manslaughter, there will also be a permanent revocation of driving privileges. In some cases, it may be possible to get a reinstatement after 5 years, but this is not certain, and will be based on the individual case. For DUI with serious bodily injury or vehicular homicide convictions, license revocation is for a minimum of 3 years. Prior convictions will mean 10 years revocation.

In any DUI case, whether felony or misdemeanor, you need to ensure your rights are protected. There are few cases that do not have weak points or flaws. You deserve to be represented by an attorney that knows the system and can fight for you. At Shepard Law, the founding attorney is a former Assistant State Attorney and has served in over 6,000 criminal cases. Having worked extensively within the criminal justice system on both sides, Mr. Shepard is extremely skilled in creating a defense case that could be successful in court, as well as negotiating down a charge to a lesser offense when this will benefit the client.

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