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Could your BAC test have come back with a falsely high result?

Mr. Shepard of Shepard Law is committed to protecting the rights of his clients accused of driving under the influence, and his unwaveringly excellent service has earned him a score of 10.0 Superb from Avvo, a well-known site that rates attorneys based upon peer and client reviews. Mr. Shepard's previous experience as a state prosecutor has given him a clear understanding of how the system works and how best to challenge it. He is a firm believer that you truly are innocent until proven guilty, and he will look into numerous methods of challenging the evidence against you in order to protect you from the consequences of an unjust conviction.

Frequently, a blood or breath test of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is not administered immediately after a person in pulled over for suspected DUI. Rather, the test is generally performed at the jail after the person has already been arrested, perhaps an hour after they were actually driving. What you may not realize is that it is possible for you BAC to rise during that time, even though you weren't drinking. Because it takes time for alcohol to be absorbed into your bloodstream, your BAC doesn't typically peak until roughly 50 minutes after you take your last drink. So even if your BAC is over legal levels when tested, it could have been significantly lower and within the legal range when you were pulled over, meaning you were not guilty of a crime. This defense could be invaluable in protecting you from a DUI conviction that you did not deserve.

An experienced Panama City DUI defense attorney could make all the difference.

Unfortunately, many people believe that if their BAC is tested at above .08 (or .02 for a defendant under the legal drinking age of 21), they stand no chance in the courtroom. They may plead guilty without realizing that the evidence against them could have been challenged before a jury. Don't make this mistake. Mr. Shepard has been personally involved in more than 6,000 criminal cases, an extensive background which has prepared him to handle just about anything in the courtroom.

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