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After an Arrest

What to Do When Facing a DUI Conviction

When you have been arrested for drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs in Panama City, you have only ten days to act to protect your driver's license from being suspended. Under Florida's ten-day rule, your license will be subject to an automatic administrative revocation unless you take action now. You can lose your driving privilege for anywhere from 180 days to a full year, causing serious disruption in your personal life and potentially making it difficult or impossible for you to commute to work. Perhaps the most effective step you can take towards defending your license is to contact Shepard Law, P.A. for dedicated legal representation.

Defending Your Driver's License in Panama City

An attorney from the firm can represent you at your DMV hearing, challenging the evidence in the case and seeking to protect your driver's license from the automatic suspension. This is separate from the criminal trial, but is based on much of the same evidence such as the police officer's testimony and the results of chemical tests of your breath or blood. It is, however, less formal than a criminal trial, and the police officer may not even appear to testify against you. Your attorney will be able to cross-examine witnesses and the evidence against you, and to introduce evidence in your favor, in an effort to defeat the charges and preserve your driving privileges.

Many people simply fail to realize that they have the right to contest a driver's license suspension, thinking that there is no way to fight the evidence in the case and giving up any hope of avoiding the negative consequences. The fact is that in a DUI-as in any other case-you are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unless the prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime of driving under the influence, you cannot legally be convicted on the charges. By hiring an attorney to represent you, you will have a dedicated advocate whose goal will be to challenge the evidence and seek to clear your name of the charges.

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Don't hesitate to retain legal representation as early as possible after your arrest, to advise you of your options and begin working on a strategy for defending you. The actions you take at the outset of the case will largely determine the final outcome of the situation, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes which could cost you in the long term. Your attorney will represent you with law enforcement officials and in court, helping you decide whether to accept a plea bargain or to take the case to trial.

This may be a highly stressful situation for you and your family, but it is not one that you have to face alone-let the team at Shepard Law guide you through the process and help you find your way back out of the criminal justice system.

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