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Challenging Evidence in Panama City DUI Cases

Facing DUI charges?

If you have been charged with DUI, then you need a skilled and experience defense attorney on your side to help you avoid harsh penalties, including heavy fines and possible jail time. With an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb, the highest rating possible, you can trust the lead attorney at Shepard Law to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and care. Mr. Shepard used to work as a prosecutor, so he has particular insight into the way the system works: his previous experience allows him to anticipate strategies likely to be employed by state prosecutors, and therefore prepare an effective defense accordingly. Don't take chances with your Panama City DUI defense lawyer – get a professional on your side who has extensive knowledge and success at trial.

Driving under the influence is aggressively prosecuted in this region, and many people who plead guilty do so without realizing that the evidence against them could have been successfully challenged in court. One of the first things Mr. Shepard will look at when he takes on your case will be the specific actions of law enforcement officers leading up to, during, and following your arrest. If at any point during this process your Constitutional rights were violated, then he can fight to have the resulting evidence dismissed from the courtroom.

It is also true that standard forms of measuring BAC, particularly the Breathalyzer test, are alarmingly prone to inaccuracies despite their widespread use in law enforcement. This can be due to alcohol absorption rates, contaminated equipment, improperly administered tests, and other factors. An intimate knowledge of such flaws in the system can be used to better build a defense against the evidence that the prosecution may have gathered.

A Panama City criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.

The immediate penalties you will face in the event of a DUI conviction vary greatly depending upon a number of factors – for example, sentences will likely be harsher if you are convicted of an underage DUI or if this is your first such conviction. However, one thing is certain: being convicted of a DUI can negatively affect just about every aspect of your life, from your bank account to your career to your personal life and relationships.

When you retain Mr. Shepard for your defense, he will explore all avenues of challenging the evidence against you in an effort to protect your freedom and good name. Don't hesitate – contact his office today to discuss your case.

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