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Alcohol Absorption and Your DUI Defense in Panama City, FL

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You may have been arrested and charged with DUI, and you could even be facing a felony DUI charge if an accident occurred with injury or death. It is vital that you contact Shepard Law at once if you are accused of any DUI offense, as our Panama City DUI defense lawyer should review the facts in your case, particularly with regard to alcohol absorption, and the details about when were stopped and the timeline involved in testing.

As the peak alcohol levels occur after a person has stopped drinking, the facts surrounding what you actually consumed, when you were operating your vehicle, when you were tested for BAC all could come into play in your defense case.

After an arrest, you may have been tested before you reached the peak absorption of alcohol. There are several factors that impact how the body will absorb alcohol including your weight, your gender, and whether you consumed food while you were drinking, and the strength of the alcoholic beverages you consumed. It takes almost an hour, on average, for the body to absorb alcohol, and in some cases far longer.

Were you arrested for a BAC level over the limit but were actually under the limit when driving?

Every person's physiology is somewhat different. During the period when the body is absorbing alcohol, if you are tested, you may have a false high. The subject of concern is the BAC level at the time you were behind the wheel of your vehicle – not later. Was there a long wait before you were tested? This could impact the results of your test. Essentially, when you were tested, it is impossible to determine where you were, as an individual, on the rise and fall of alcohol absorption, and this detail should be looked into as it could be a valuable point in your defense.

Our firm evaluates every detail in each case we defend, including issues regarding alcohol absorption. Contact our DUI defense team today for more information about defending against a DUI charge. We are available 24/7.

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