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Peak Alcohol Levels and DUI Charges in Panama City

Panama City DUI Lawyer – The Evidence of Alcohol in the Blood

When a person is tested for BAC after being stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, one of the issues that could affect the outcome at trial is the scientific evidence regarding peak alcohol levels. At Shepard Law in Panama City, we are a team of professional DUI defense lawyers, and we have a deep understanding of the science behind alcohol absorption, and how the facts about your case could be challenged successfully.

As professional defense attorneys, we have delved deeply into the scientific facts surrounding the peak alcohol levels, and we review the evidence with regard to these facts, with the goal of helping you to avoid conviction.

The Facts Behind Peak Alcohol Levels and DUI

Men and women absorb alcohol differently, and research has shown that generally, women are more effected by alcohol, and for a longer period of time. This is due to a lower production in women of a natural enzyme in the body that breaks down alcohol. Weight also can play a part in how the body absorbs alcohol, as with more weight, there are also a higher quantity of body fluids, which lead to a lower BAC than a person with a lower body weight.

Your body also will absorb alcohol at a lower rate if you have recently consumed food. The time between drinks also affects the absorption of alcohol into the blood, and of course, the strength of the drink that was consumed. Drinking anything carbonated will speed the rate of absorption, with a peak alcohol level occurring sooner.

Alcohol levels will continue to rise, even after a person has stopped drinking. You may believe you were under the limit, but when tested, you blew at .08% or higher – the next shock is even worse. You are arrested and charged. The facts are that you can only be arrested for DUI if you were above the legal limit while you were operating your vehicle. If there was a long period of time between being stopped and when you were tested, it is possible your BAC level was below the legal limit when you were stopped. These are all facts that should be reviewed by our legal team. We are ready to help you fight the charges, and the science behind peak alcohol levels and how the human body absorbs alcohol could come into play as part of your defense.

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