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Holmes County Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a crime in Holmes County?

If you are facing charges in Holmes County, FL, contact our firm at once. At Shepard Law, we have some outstanding qualifications and credentials to bring to the table for you. First, we have a former state prosecutor on our defense team, which allows us to really understand what it takes to win in court. Secondly, we have established many relationships throughout the legal system in the area. As with any profession, it is often who you know that makes a difference.

We are highly skilled criminal attorneys, and our goal is to achieve positive results for you, whether a case dismissal, an acquittal at trial, or a reduced charge or sentence. We give each case we take on our full focus, with the first action involving a full review of the facts that led to the arrest. Many cases have serious errors that could be exploited for the benefit of the accused. Does yours? You owe it to yourself to find out. If you are uncertain about the future, or you believe there is no hope, you could be surprised to find out something can be done about your case, and that a positive outcome is possible.

Trial Experience Makes the Difference

Although all attorneys have similar training, not every lawyer or firm is equal in ability. Some lawyers truly hate going to court, and just want to arrange a plea deal when possible, hoping to avoid the long hours of hard work that is required to craft a compelling defense case. Our team has served at thousands of trials. We are very familiar with the process of crafting a defense case that can win, and the elements that must be present. These include presenting evidence that counters the accusations, as well as skilled cross-examination of the witnesses for the prosecution. A minor stumble by a prosecution witness can be a major advantage in a defense case.

Whether you are facing charges for a violent crime, a drug crime, sex crime or are accused of a theft crime, or DUI we are ready to get to work. Our firm also serves as defense counsel in federal crimes, and all types of white collar crimes, as well as criminal appeals.

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