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Walton County, FL Criminal Defense Attorney

Arrested and charged in Walton County, FL? Call Shepard Law.

If you are facing criminal charges in Walton County, act fast and contact Shepard Law. At our firm, we offer some outstanding qualifications and credentials for criminal defense. Our founder, Mr. Shepard, is a former Assistance State Attorney, and served as the President of the Bay County Criminal Defense Bar from 2011-2015. He is well-connected, experienced, and knows what it takes to win in court. It is extremely important that you have professional defense counsel if you are facing charges – if you value your freedom. Don't take a chance and hire an inexperienced lawyer.

Get a professional with extensive trial experience working with you. This firm has the guts and aggressive approach you need when facing criminal charges, from DUI through to violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes or white collar crimes. We have a 10.0 Superb rating from Avvo for both DUI defense and criminal defense.

Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving Walton County, FL

We know what we are doing when we take on a case. Could your charges be dismissed? Is there any hope of beating the charges and walking free? Your first step is to talk to us and let us hear your side of the story. The police are not perfect, and they make serious errors every day. We look deep into the details of your case to find any flaws or holes in the case against you. Our knowledge of trial law and case presentation has proven to be of great benefit to our clients, and you can reach us directly. We are ready to help you fight back.

No matter what charge is filed against you, misdemeanor or felony, there could be a strategy that will help you to avoid serious repercussions, and it is up to our professional team to discuss these matters with you. The earlier we speak with you the better. We handle all the legal details for you, and we take our job very, very seriously.

We know you are in trouble, and need help. We are on your side, and ready to hear about what happened, and how you were caught in the criminal justice system. Your case is unique, and will be handled on a personal individual basis.

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