Panama City Beach Spring Break Criminal or DUI Charges

Panama City Beach continues to be a Spring Break hot spot. However, what starts out as fun in the sun with friends can quickly turn into a legal nightmare. During the first weekend of Spring Break last year, Panama City Beach law enforcement arrested in excess of 70 Spring Breakers. The same level of law enforcement presence can be expected this year.

Most of the arrests during Spring Break are related to underage drinking (a.k.a. "MIP", or "minor in possession"), public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence, driving under the influence ("DUI"), and criminal mischief (property damage). It is a good idea for a Spring Breaker arrested in Panama City Beach to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Out-of-state residents can have a particularly hard time contending with criminal charges in Florida given the long travel distance to attend court. Further, the long term ramifications of a conviction can impact a Spring Breaker's status at their college or university, as well as their future job prospects and permanent criminal record. Early involvement by an experienced Panama City attorney, whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, can be crucial in getting charges dropped, reduced or finding a non-judicial solution (i.e. Pre-Trial Intervention).

If you are arrested and charged with any criminal offense in Panama City Beach, call Shepard Law to have an experienced knowledgeable criminal defense attorney take immediate action in your case.

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