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Why Is It Important to Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is important to understand how an attorney's experience at trial could impact the outcome in your case. It takes time for a criminal defense lawyer to become familiar with judges and prosecutors, and comfortable presenting a case to a jury. Most criminal lawyers that are known for their ability to get good results at trial have spent years in court and possess superior skills in developing case strategy. They have a "style" in which they present a persuasive case to a jury. Experience in criminal cases does matter and it is important to hire an attorney with extensive trial experience and a history of successful results.

Many of the most effective criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors. Why? A prosecutor has the opportunity handle a large volume of cases and to gain valuable trial experience. They become familiar with every aspect of the criminal justice process. They know who to call upon when expert witnesses are needed – they may have seen these experts in court and know who is the most likely to present evidence in such a way that it can make a difference to a jury.

In any criminal trial, the "burden of proof" lies with the prosecuting attorney. This is a challenge and the process allows the lawyer serving as prosecutor to learn how to present evidence in a way that would reduce the possibility of reasonable doubt. There is strategy involved in any criminal trial and the talent and insight of your defense counsel plays a significant role. It is important to have legal representation from a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer in any criminal case, felony or misdemeanor. Your criminal record will impact your future – keeping it clean is important.

Contact the Panama City criminal law firm Shepard Law if you want experience on your side. Mr. Shepard is a former prosecutor and has personally handled thousands of criminal cases.