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At Shepard Law, we have garnered a reputation for our results in criminal cases, from DUI through to the most serious felony crimes. Our legal team is made up of two former Assistant State Attorneys, and this background gives us a real edge in developing a case for the defense. Are you facing criminal charges in Destin or San Destin? Call us before your case moves any further through the criminal justice system. Read about our case results, so you are confident you have come to the rights place. We know what we are doing. We have a 10.0 Superb rating from Avvo, both for DUI and criminal defense. Take advantage of our skills, knowledge and dedication to our clients, and call us now.

Fighting for the Rights of Defendants in Destin

We spend our waking hours working for the rights of defendants. The Florida criminal justice system is geared to convict, and the prosecutor has the full backup of law enforcement, state labs, investigators and unlimited resources. In order to fight back effectively, you need an equally powerful and highly talented criminal attorney fighting for you. The conviction rate in state court stands at about 60%. Are you scared about what will happen to you? You have a real reason to be concerned. The way to take control of your future is to call our firm and tell us your side of the story. Whether you are innocent, guilty or had some minor role in a criminal case, we will look deep into the facts and evidence to identify a strategy to protect you. No matter what happened, you need a criminal lawyer that is committed to you and your freedom, and once we take on a case, we go the distance.

As legal professionals that are focused upon criminal law, we are proud of our many successes, and your can read about our case results so you are sure that we are the right law firm to help you. Don't take chances if you are facing criminal charges. Your life could be changed forever. You need a Destin criminal attorney that has the trial skills and experience to help you seek out any possible advantage, from bail amount, to penalties, to the level of the charges filed against you.

We are ready to fight, call us now.

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