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  • I Got A DUI On Spring Break - What Do I Do?

    || 27-Feb-2016

    Spring break has long been associated with great parties and free-flowing alcohol. As a result, it should come as no surprise that DUI is also closely associated with spring break, at least in the eyes of law enforcement. In this blog, our Panama City DUI defense attorneys take a look at what you should do if you've been arrested for DUI on spring break. Were you arrested for DUI while ...
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  • You have the right to remain silent – USE IT!!! Whoever said "the truth will set you free" was not looking at red and blue flashing lights in their rearview mirror. Law enforcement officers in Panama City do not stop drivers to thank them for driving safely, they pull them over to charge them with wrong doing and collect evidence that can later be used in court. As soon as possible ...
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  • State House Candidate Tho Bishop Charged with DUI

    || 7-Feb-2014

    Tho Bishop, a 24 year old candidate for the state House, was arrested and charged with DUI in Panama City. He was pulled over by Florida State Patrol while operating his car on Laurie Ave., where he was then booked and placed in custody in the Bay County Jail. He was stopped and then refused the Breathalyzer test, which leads to an immediate arrest in Florida. Under state law, refusing chemical ...
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  • It is common for a driver arrested on suspicion of DUI in Panama City to ask their lawyer about the possible penalties that may be imposed. A DUI carries serious mandatory penalties that can affect a person's ability to drive, restrict freedom, and cause an immediate and many times shocking increase in auto insurance rates. Before entering a plea of guilty or no contest to DUI, a person ...
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  • Panama City Beach Spring Break Criminal or DUI Charges

    || 16-Jan-2013

    Panama City Beach continues to be a Spring Break hot spot. However, what starts out as fun in the sun with friends can quickly turn into a legal nightmare. During the first weekend of Spring Break last year, Panama City Beach law enforcement arrested in excess of 70 Spring Breakers. The same level of law enforcement presence can be expected this year. Most of the arrests during Spring Break are ...
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