Panama City Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

What Types of Crime are Classified as Federal Offenses?

Generally speaking, many offenses which would be prosecuted by state law enforcement on the state are charged as a federal offenses when they take place on federal property. Federal crimes also include offenses which involve interstate commerce and activity taking place in more than one state. Law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) and the United States Marshalls Service investigate federal offences. As federal law enforcement agencies of the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) they have extensive resources for investigating and prosecuting cases. Many federal criminal offenses carry minimum mandatory prison sentences and thousands of dollars in fines. The number of federal crimes is virtually beyond count: the DOJ spent two years attempting to list them all and found approximately 3,000..

Let a Former Prosecutor Defend Your Freedom

Shepard Law regularly defends clients charged with federal offenses such as Trafficking, or Conspiracy to Traffic in cocaine, methamphetamine and other drug crimes. If you are under investigation for a white collar crime such as Mortgage Fraud, Counterfeiting, or Identity Theft, our attorneys are available to discuss your situation and, together with a team of forensic accountants and private investigators, stand ready to defend you against the federal authorities. Mr. Shepard served as President of the Bay County Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers from 2011-2015 (“Bay County Criminal Defense Bar”). Mr. Shepard has handled more than 5,000 criminal cases and stand ready to defend you against the federal government. Approximately three-quarters of the Shepard Law's caseload consists of serious felonies. Shepard Law represent clients from all walks of life including elected officials, business owners, doctors, law enforcement officers and even other lawyers.

It is vital that you take action to defend your rights as soon as possible when you have learned that you are the subject of a federal investigation or indictment. Federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors will often spend a considerable amount of time developing a case, and by acting now you may be able to resolve the situation before charges are filed or prosecuted against you. As your Panama City criminal lawyer Mr. Shepard will work to clear your name without a trial, but will not hesitate to take the case to court to defend your freedom and your future.